About Us

Turtle Bay Lodge is an incredibly special place. It is very well summed up by the guests we’ve had the pleasure of hosting:

“Turtle bay lodge is a charming little place on a beautiful piece of coastline with a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. Highly recommended.”


Turtle Bay Lodge is found on the point between Turtle Bay and Peterson Bay. There seem to be water views wherever you look. There’s the ocean in one direction, with the delightful Turtle Island beckoning. And there’s the bay in the other direction, which frequently glasses off so there’s not even a ripple to be seen – a breathtaking sight.

Eating one of the many fabulous meals from our restaurant on the deck overlooking the water is a highlight. At high tide the water comes right up and you can watch the fish – or if you’re lucky a ‘black and white’, which is what the staff call the little black and white sea snakes.

Turtle Bay Lodge is the perfect place for those that love snorkelling, kayaking, walking and the chance to really get away from it all.It’s a great base from which to explore the island of Espiritu Santo.

It’s also an excellent place to just kick back and relax – you don’t need to go anywhere when you have a delightful swimming pool, a great reef for snorkelling and a peaceful bay for swimming right on your doorstep!Turtle Bay Lodge is owned by Matt and managed by Skye and Dianne. It’s not quite like running a resort in Australia – all materials and tools required for maintenance must be imported. Sometimes we need something important but we simply can’t get it because it’s not available on the island.

We source as much local food as possible for our restaurant. All the fruits, vegetables, fish and beef we use are produced organically and locally. But there are other things that must come from Australia and when the island gets low in certain supplies the staff must get creative until the next ship arrives.

The environment is harsh on buildings and equipment so things need to be replaced more often than you might expect. We ask you to let us know if anything needs repairing in your room as we don’t always know about it. Despite the challenges we absolutely love running Turtle Bay Lodge and we’re excited about our plans for upcoming refurbishment and expansion.

We look forward to welcoming you to our tropical paradise!

PS A random titbit for you – Turtle Bay Lodge was once known as Turtle Bay Resort (and that’s still the name you’ll find on Trip Advisor); the name was changed some years ago. There’s a Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii and believe it or not, there’s been more than one situation where a guest has booked flights to Hawaii and wondered why the Turtle Bay Resort there isn’t expecting them. Meanwhile, we’re waiting on a guest that never arrives!