Espiritu Santo
One of Vanuatu’s tropical jewels, the island of Espiritu Santo is the biggest island in the Vanuatu archipelago. It is commonly known as ‘Santo’. There are no crowded streets, high buildings or haggling street sellers; instead Santo remains a peaceful and idyllic spot where traditional island life can be experienced.

The island is characterised by a wild and rugged beauty; tropical, impenetrable jungle, stunning beaches, picture perfect rivers and small traditional villages where the residents live as they have for countless generations. Here you’ll find simple, outdoor kitchens with dirt floors, meals cooked over open fires and the happiest smiles you’ve ever seen. It’s possible to visit virtually untouched villages which will truly take you back thousands of years to a civilisation that was unclothed.

Santo has been well known as a diving destination but is now being discovered anew by families, nature lovers and adventurers. With weekly direct flights from Brisbane, you can visit Santo for around $500 return!

The temperature is in the mid 20’s year round so it’s always perfect, even when it’s raining. In ‘winter’ you may want a lightweight long sleeved top in the evenings.

Once in Santo you are spoiled for choice for things to do. Your holiday can be as relaxing or as packed with adventure as you desire. Relax on gorgeous, pristine Champagne Beach, uncrowded and perfectly delightful. Or hike up into the wilds of the jungle with a barefooted guide whose feet grasp the earth like an old friend. Visit the local market and eat traditional food at the stalls, or dine out at one of the many delightful restaurants at the resorts dotted across the island.

The temperature is in the mid 20’s year round so it’s always perfectFor the nature lovers there are short bush walks and longer jungle treks through landscapes that will take your breath away. Two stunning conservation parks preserve flora and fauna and are visited by birdwatchers from all over the world.

Relaxing is easy in a place known for its laid back hospitality and amazing coastal scenery. You never know what little gems are to be found around every corner of the island. As your spirit of adventure awakens and your mind slowly unwinds, you can relax into a deep and much deserved holiday; the only problem is you may never want to leave.