The Island

The IslandLuganville is Espiritu Santo’s capital; it is little more than a small town albeit very important as it is the only one. It is situated on the south of the island and is the only place where you can do shopping or complete business of any kind. There’s a supermarket, a local fruit and vegetable market, hardware stores, cafes and restaurants, banks (ANZ, Westpac – both with ATM’s), government departments and more. You can access the internet here.

The rest of the island is dotted with small villages which are mostly self-sufficient with their own vegetable gardens, chickens and pigs.

The airport is about five kilometres from town.

From Luganville there are three ‘main’ roads though only the east coast road is sealed.

One road runs along the south coast for about 40km and ends at the village of Tasiriki. South Santo is a farming area specialising in cattle, copra and spices such as vanilla and chilli.

A second road goes inland through the middle of the island to the many villages of the Fanafo, Butmas and Palon areas.

The third road goes along the east coast of Santo, following the island coastline all the way to the village of Port Olry. It is along this road that many of Santo’s attractions are found, including the Matevulu Blue Hole, Ri Ri Blue Hole, Jackie’s Blue Hole, Suranda Bay, Peterson Bay, Turtle Bay, Velit Bay, Santo’s golf course, Champagne Beach and Lonnoc. This road is fringed by many white sand beaches and beautiful little bays and coves. It is also along this road that you will find Turtle Bay Lodge. We are about 24km from town and 3km from the blue holes.