A day in the village

boys in watercress at the matevulu river, Santo


Exclusive to Turtle Bay Lodge guests is the opportunity to step into the life of some local villagers. This is not a big touristy event, it’s just a chance to see how the locals live on a day to day basis. Visit their garden and harvest the things you’ll need for your meal. Learn to make simboro, a delicious island specialty involving coconut which you’ll harvest, break open and grate yourself.

Be a part of whatever else is going on that day. It might be weaving a basket or shelling out coconuts for copra production. Perhaps you’ll feed the freshwater fish and have a swim. You might learn about the local plants and their uses, and maybe you’ll make and drink kava
“It was so wonderful, we really felt like we were part of the family!”

The Ni- Vanuatu people living in the villages are some of the happiest on earth. They may not have houses as we know them and transport as we know it or even jobs similar to those in our culture, but do they need them?

It’s a beautiful area of the world, the East coast of Santo. Come and experience it for yourself and come and meet the locals. They love to show their way of life and their rich culture. May it last a long time.

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