Champagne Beach


One of the most popular destinations on Espiritu Santo, Champagne Beach features stunning white sand and crystal blue water. It’s a beautiful place to visit, relax and swim.

There is quite good snorkelling off to the sides of Champagne Beach but even if you’re not that way inclined you can make your way around to the jetty to see the delightful little blue fish swimming all around that area.

Note that there’s an entry fee of 1,000 vt per person to Champagne Beach. This can come as quite a surprise to visitors from places such as Australia but in Vanuatu the employment opportunities are limited and landowners need to make the most of their assets.

Apart from on cruise ship days where there are a 1000 people on the beach, you’ll have the beach to yourself. We can organise a picnic, or why not go for lunch round the corner at lonnoc beach, a locally run restaurant just around the corner.

champagne beach , East Coast Santo, Vanuatu
village girl in Santo

We can organise a tour which will take you to champagne beach, a local blue hole and up to Port Olry or why not hire a car or a quad bike and enjoy the day at your own island pace.

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