Espiritu Santo

sunrise from Turtle Bay Lodge, Santo , Vanuatu


One of Vanuatu’s tropical jewels, the island of Espiritu Santo is the biggest island in the Vanuatu archipelago. It is commonly known as ‘Santo’. There are no crowded streets, high buildings or haggling street sellers; instead Santo remains a peaceful and idyllic spot where traditional island life can be experienced.

Coconuts in Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu.

The island is characterised by a wild and rugged beauty; tropical, impenetrable jungle, stunning beaches, picture perfect rivers and small traditional villages where the residents live as they have for countless generations. Here you’ll find simple, outdoor kitchens with dirt floors, meals cooked over open fires and the happiest smiles you’ve ever seen.

It’s possible to visit virtually untouched villages which will truly take you back thousands of years.

sunrise at Turtle Bay Lodge

Santo has been well known as a diving destination but is now being discovered anew by families, nature lovers and adventurers. With weekly direct flights from Brisbane, you can visit Santo for around $500 return!

The temperature is in the mid 20’s year round so it’s always perfect, even when it’s raining. In ‘winter’ you may want a lightweight long sleeved top in the evenings.
Come and experience the island for yourself. We can help you along the way here at Turtle Bay Lodge. Just ask if you have any questions.

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