Float the Riri River

Float the Riri River

Floating down the Riri River is a fun excursion suitable for all ages. We will take you to the Blue hole where you can explore and enjoy the water. When you’re ready,we float together accompanied by our expert guides down the river until you meet the ocean.

Finally, our barge will be waiting for you, where you can have a drink and enjoy the boat ride back to Turtle Bay and from the top deck you can enjoy incredible views. We will stop along the way so you can take advantage of the high dive water to jump/dive into the water.

What is the Riri Blue Hole in Santo?

The Riri Blue Hole is a natural swimming hole and river, formed by the trickling in on freshwater from the island’s mountains.

Imagine turquoise waters so clear you can see the vibrant marine life beneath. The Riri Blue Hole is not just a destination; it’s an aquatic wonder waiting to be explored. The limestone basin & minerals gives the blue holes in Vanuatu that incredible clear/blue coloration.

As you float down the Riri River you’re greeted by a sense of calm, quiet and incredible beauty. This is where unusually blue waters meet the intense greens of the Vanuatu jungle

Spectacular experience

Review of Riri Blue Hole
Reviewed July 29, 2022

The very best way to experience the Riri Blue Hole (the clearest of the Santo Blue Holes) is to get dropped up there just after high tide, Play around a bit in the impossibly clear blue water, then snorkel, swim, or float gently downstream to your ride waiting for you by the bridge. We snorkeled quietly and it took about an hour. It was absolutely stunning and I can’t recommend it enough.

Banana and Dohnut Rides around Turtle Bay

Fancy being spun around Turtle bay in the water at high speed, then have a go on our Banana Boat or Dohnut. Heaps of funs for all the family!

dive at Turtle Bay

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