Getting around

verandah views from the private marquees at Turtle Bay Lodge, Santo, Vanuatu.


Local Transport

Santo’s public transport is in the form of utes (small trucks) that load their trays and cabins with people and produce. Local transport is 200 vatu per person inside the town and 400 vatu per person for longer rides into the country side and up the East Coast. The standard fare from town to Turtle Bay is 400 vatu per person.

There is no timetable for the local transport as it is not an organised system – rather it’s a network of independent business operators who come and go according to their own work schedule. For example a transport might be organised to carry produce to the market in town; passengers will see it coming and flag down the driver.
Mornings and afternoons tend to be busiest.


Taxis around town are around 200-300 vatu. For longer rides into the country prices vary according to destination. It will usually cost 1500-2000 vatu for a taxi from town to Turtle Bay.

We can organise local drivers for you for an hour or for the full day, just let us know your requirements.

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