Turtle Bay has double and single Kayaks available for both guests and visitors to the resort.  Stand up paddleboards are free to in house guests when using around the resort and in the bay.

There is a hire fee for the Kayaks if you take them out of the bay or to go up the river to the blue holes.

Matevulu Blue Hole is nearest to Turtle Bay Lodge and has a spectacular rope swing accessed by a ladder up an enormous banyan tree. You can kayak to this blue hole from Turtle Bay Lodge.  Allow half a day to get there and back and enjoy this amazing experience!

Kayak to hire
Single and Double Kayaks to hire

First cross Peterson Bay, then make your way up the stunning Matevulu River, where the water is so clear you can see right to the bottom. Feel yourself suspended as if by magic, as fish swim below.

Ri Ri Blue Hole is a little further south of Matevulu Blue Hole. You can also kayak to this one but you’ll spend more time on Peterson Bay and less time in the river as it’s a much shorter river. Some days the bay is glassy but on other days the wind can make it a tougher trip!

The owners also offer a custom experience where you can travel up the river in a dugout canoe – you’ll see the canoes stored near the bridge as you pass on your way to Turtle Bay Lodge.

Kayaking up the Matevulu River from Turtle Bay Lodge

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