Millenium Cave

Millenium Cave

The Millenium Cave tour is an amazing experience that you will remember forever. Not for the fainthearted, the tour starts with a drive into the jungle where you meet your guides at the village. A long walk to the mouth of the cave is made interesting by the stories you hear along the way. There’s a steep climb down to the cave which is filled to about waist deep with water (after heavy rain the cave gets too full for the tour to be run safely).

The cave itself is enormous, spectacular and dark. Once you emerge from the cave there’s a stop for a picnic lunch, then a scramble across rocks before floating down the river, climbing out and walking back to the waiting vehicle. It’s a long day but the guides are excellent in helping people of all levels to safely negotiate the tour.

sunrise from Turtle Bay Lodge, Santo , Vanuatu

This is one of the must do’s in Santo. It’s a real adventure. Some people are a bit wary when they’re embarking on the tour but come back just elated by the day they have just experienced. We can organise your tour from the Lodge when you arrive.

There’s also the Mount Hope Tour which is equally stunning countryside. Some say it’s not as adventurous as the Millenium Cave but the scenery and water is second to none.

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