Wildlife Experience in Vanuatu

green tree frog at Turtle Bay Lodge


Espiritu Santo is the nature island of Vanuatu. The low population levels compared to the more populous island of Efate and the existence of much of the natural vegetation means that Espiritu Santo is the best place to see the native fauna of the islands. The island has one paved road along the east coast, a central mountainous area where one of the rarest birds in the world (Mountain Starling) can be found and a west coast series of villages connected by road but completely isolated from the east except by a short flight. As an example of just how special Espiritu Santo is for wildlife, there are 9 species of birds endemic to Vanuatu (ie found only on the Vanuatu islands) and all of these can be seen on Espiritu Santo. None of the other islands have all these species. Turtle Bay Lodge has the following tours on offer:

Local Ni-Vanuatu man coming from his garden

Vanuatu birds and Vatthu Village:

This day trip takes you north to Big Bay to a remote native village. The Vatthu conservation area is one of the best places to see some of the endemic species of the island including the Vanuatu Imperial Pigeon, Yellow bellied White-eye, Buff bellied Monarch and the spectacular Chestnut bellied Kingfisher. The trip includes lunch in the village and an explanation of life in the remote village as well as the chance to snorkel in the remote Big Bay.

sunrise at Turtle Bay Lodge

Vanuatu birds and wildlife:

This half day trip takes you into the forests of the Loru conservation area. Here there is a good chance of seeing the strange mound building Vanuatu Megapode as well as other endemic species to the islands such as the Tanna Fruit Dove, New Hebrides Honeyeater and some of the same species as in Vatthu.

local girl in Santo

Espiritu Santo is a diverse and stunning Island. Get away from it all and come and experience an island holiday like no other.
We’re looking forward to introducing you to the island.

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